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Seizure Disorder / Depression

Case: Seizures / Depression / Fatigue

A 37 year old male presented with seizures, life-long depression, suicidal tendencies and extreme fatigue. This was a man who was literally at death's doorstep-he was exhausted, unable to care for himself and without hope. His seizures began four months earlier while on a pleasure trip to Las Vegas. He had no history of head trauma or previous seizure activity. He was evaluated by a neurologist who ordered a computer tomography (CT) scan, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study and an electroencephalogram (EEG). All of these studies were appropriate for the medical model, and all would have been ordered by Dr. Neustadt; however, the crucial difference between the nutritional biochemistry approach and that of a well-educated conventional neurologist is that Dr. Neustadt also ordered a comprehensive nutritional biochemistry evaluation.

All conventional imaging ordered by the neurologist revealed no abnormalities. The patient was diagnosed as having "pseudo-seizures" (literally, "false seizures"), yet there was nothing false about them. The patient was prescribed different anti-seizure medications, but none reduced his seizure symptoms at all. Instead, he developed increasing depression because he felt more and more helpless and hopeless because none of his symptoms were relieved after seeing these medical experts.

When he finally came to see Dr. Neustadt and took the MetaCT 400 test, his results explained the underlying causes all of his symptoms. His depression was a result of low epinephrine, low serotonin, low omega-3 fatty acids and a functional vitamin B6 deficiency. His seizures were due to low phenylalanine, low tyrosine, low dopamine and functionally low vitamin B6, which is required for dopamine formation. Low dopamine causes seizures and is an underlying cause of Parkinson Disease. Additionally, his medical evaluation, which included a diet recall, made it apparent that the timing of his seizures appeared to coincide with possible low blood sugar, which is documented to cause seizures.

Low essential fatty acids of the omega-3 series
Functional vitamin B6 deficiency
Neurotransmitter imbalances, with low dopamine (homovanillate)

He was placed on a comprehensive treatment plan that included nutritional cofactors to correct his underlying biochemical dysfunction and a medically-directed diet to better control his blood sugar. He was prescribed amino acids, high-dose B-vitamins, essential fatty acids, a high-quality multivitamin and mineral supplement and a high-fiber diet. The patient's seizures stopped after being on the program for four days and he continued to be seizure free at the three-month follow up appointment. He also reported no more depression, increased energy, no suicidal thoughts and feeling better than he could ever remember.